National Plan for the Sustainable Management of Single-use Plastics in Colombia

This Action aligns to the following Calls to Action from the Circular Economy Action Agenda for Plastics

1. Agree which plastics can be eliminated and prepare the market to phase them out 

10. Investigate environmental and socio-economic impacts of renewable material inputs for plastics 

5. Guide and support news business models for environmental, financial, and social triple-win 



The National Plan for the Sustainable Management of Single-use Plastics in Colombia aims to achieve sustainable plastics management, through the implementation of prevention, reduction and reuse actions, the generation of new business opportunities, linkages, jobs and technological developments, with the vision of ensuring that by 2030 Colombia will prevent the negative impacts caused by plastic and microplastic waste on all ecosystems, including marine ones. Specifically, the plan focuses on three main pillars: 

  1. The dissemination and socialization of the sustainable management of single-use plastics, as part of the implementation process, with the participation of the institutions, producing companies, and the community in general;  

  1. Supporting the replacement process of single-use plastic products;  

  1. Promoting the local use of plastic waste and other recyclable materials, based on the implementation of existing instruments and strategies articulated among the participants of this agreement, within the framework of integrated solid waste management and circular economy.


Objectives for 2021 

In 2021, the three pillars will be addressed by (1) the relaunch of the National Plan by developing and implementing the Circular Economy communication and citizen culture program, in the area of sustainable management of single-use plastics; (2) the development of a strategy for the life cycle analysis of single-use plastics; (3) the signing of agreements for the local use of plastics and other recyclable materials in coastal municipalities of the Colombian Caribbean and Pacific coast. 



Ministry of the Environment, Colombia. Environmental Chamber of Plastics, Los Andes University, District University, La Salle University, National University of Colombia, University of Applied and Environmental Sciences (UDCA), Institute for Training and Research in Plastics and Rubber (ICIPC), National Association of Recyclers (ANR), Association of Regional Autonomous Corporations and Sustainable Development (Asocars), Business Commitment for Recycling (Cempre), World Wildlife Fund INC. (WWF Colombia), Productive Colombia, National Natural Parks of Colombia (PNN), National Association of Public Utilities and Communications Companies (Andesco), MarViva Foundation, AVINA Foundation Universities, Pacific Environmental Research Institute