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04 February 2022
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Celebrating the Circular Economy Action Agenda

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A year ago, PACE launched the Circular Economy Action Agenda to 1200 people from over 1000 organizations across 100 countries. To celebrate its release, we recognized many organizations working addressing calls-to-action and those areas which require further development.

Since the launch of our Circular Economy Action Agendas in February 2021, over 200 actions have been mapped involving over 90% of the PACE Community. These actions range in the five focal areas: textiles, food, capital equipment, plastics and electronics, often involving global and regional collaboration and showcasing innovation by various leaders. 

In February 2022, over ten actions were highlighted across social media involving more than 25 partners, including Canada's Food Policy initiative, the $20-million Food Waste Reduction Challenge to accelerate and advance diverse and high-impact solutions to food waste in the country. As well as ‘PREVENT Waste Alliance’ by Germany’s Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), a multi-stakeholder platform for exchange bringing together the private sector, academia, civil society and public institutions to develop and implement circular economy solutions.

Calls-to-action that required further development in each focal area were also highlighted. For instance, greater action is needed to address call-to-action 5 for Textiles: ‘Where Used Textiles Occur, Ensure Environmental and Socio-Economic Benefits’. Around 70% of textiles collected for reuse is sent overseas, but much of it is likely to end up as waste.

Take a look at more calls-to-action and actions highlighted.