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Scaling Circular Procurement


Build circularity in our economies through sustainable procurement


  • Leveraging the purchasing power by buying more sustainable goods and services can help drive markets in the direction of sustainability

  • The Sustainable Development Goals have reiterated the strong link between environmental protection, sustainable development, and public procurement, with the inclusion of target 12.7

  • Currently, the incorporation of circularity requirements in procurement practices has not been broadly applied, yet it holds important potential


  • Identify highest-value opportunities to leverage procurement to scale the transition to circularity in economies

  • Collaborate with the public and private sector to support the integration of circularity in the procurement cycle


The report Ā«Building circularity in our economies through sustainable procurementĀ» was launched at the World Circular Economy Forum 2018. The report highlights and draws attention to the potential of procurement as a tool to scale circularity in products and services.

Building on the findings of the report, the UN Environment Programme, in collaboration with the One Planet Network, aims to include circularity requirements in sustainable procurement practices for governments and the private sector in upcoming procurement and sectoral projects and initiatives.

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