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Guided by the Boards’ strategic direction, the PACE Team orchestrates overall delivery of the strategy, in line with PACE’s vision, mission and values.

  • Ramona Liberoff

    Ramona Liberoff

    Executive Director

    Ramona Liberoff is the Executive Director, PACE (Platform for Accelerating the Circular Economy).  Her role is to manage the stakeholders within PACE, who include leading corporates, governments, academics and innovators, to achieve the goal of doubling circularity.

    Prior to joining PACE, Ramona worked at the intersection of global climate, innovation, and finance, at Roots of Impact, as the CEO of SPRING Accelerator, and as COO of the Innogy Innovation Hub, after a career of leading innovation for multinationals such as Unilever and Pepsico.  She has founded several innovative businesses including circular transport and energy, and funded more than twenty, as well as mentoring several hundred impact start-ups.

  • Heather Millen

    Heather Millen

    Communications Lead

    Heather leads on the branding, strategic messaging, media relations, social media and web design and maintenance for PACE. She has ten years experience in environmental communications, previously leading on media and outreach for an international NGO and as a communications manager for a global resource management company who championed the circular economy.

    Heather is passionate about seeing more resourceful and efficient industries and societies who adopt slower consumption models. She has a master's degree in Urban Geography from the University of Amsterdam, where she researched circular fashion. She lives in Amsterdam and enjoys creating, sewing, cycling and exploring nature. 

  • KeWang_KnowledgeLead

    Ke Wang

    Program Director

    Ke leads PACE’s Program team to build public-private collaborations and drive actions at scale, guided by the Circular Economy Action Agenda. She is also responsible for PACE's content development and knowledge management.

    Prior to PACE, Ke had over 10 years of experience leading research and innovation teams across public, private, and civil society sectors. She holds a Ph.D. in Applied Physics from Stanford University and an Executive MBA from Rotterdam School of Management. She enjoys nature, culture, cooking, dancing, and raising her two boys in a quadrilingual family.

  • Heyd Mas

    Heyd Más

    Program Manager

    Heyd manages PACE's Plastics and Textiles Programs. She ensures the right partners join the discussions, facilitates the conversations, and assists them in identifying and pursuing projects based on the Action Agenda’s calls-to-action.

    Heyd is passionate about working with different stakeholders to find solutions that lead to a more positive society-environment interaction. She has over 5 years of experience in project coordination and management as well as in performing research on circular economy topics. She holds a Ph.D. in Law from the University of Groningen with a focus on environmental law. Heyd enjoys learning about different cultures, music, interior design, and nature.

  • Lotte Holvast

    Lotte Holvast

    Program Manager

    Lotte manages programmatic development and stakeholder engagement for PACE's programs on Food and Metrics. She has five years experience in managing public-private partnerships in the circular economy.

    Lotte holds a master degree in Development Economics from the University of Wageningen. She lives in Scheveningen and when not working she is often found at the beach, in the dunes or in the water.

  • Prateek Diwan

    Prateek Diwan

    Program Manager

    Prateek manages programmatic development and stakeholder engagement for PACE's programs on Electronics and Capital Equipment. He has five years of experience across startups, venture capital and managing programs in the new mobility sector.

    Prateek holds an MBA and a master's degree in Innovation and Entrepreneurship from the University of Texas at Dallas. He lives in Amsterdam and enjoys playing and following football, working out, travelling, and organizing game nights.


  • Laura picture

    Laura Ombelet

    Program Coordinator

    Laura manages PACE’s operations, including financial, grant and contract management and supports PACE's Governance. Prior to joining PACE, Laura gained experience in office management and project support at a small think-and-do tank based in The Hague. She has an MSc in Development Administration and Planning at University College London.

    Laura lives in Utrecht where she can often be found painting, or attempting to sew an upcycling project.