The circular economy transition requires leadership through the entire economy, including governments, business, and civil society. PACE convenes a global leadership group committed to advancing this transition and working together to overcome specific barriers to progress.

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PACE lens image projects


PACE catalyzes projects and supports affiliated partner led projects to scale-up circular economy action on plastics, electronics, food & bioeconomy and business model and market transformation. Active projects are already underway in China, Africa, ASEAN and Europe


PACE will capture learnings from projects and translate into replicable frameworks and approaches. Additionally we will leverage knowledge of our members and networks, and disseminate learnings to relevant stakeholders to drive scale.

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Accelerating and driving change

“Global material resource use during the 20th century rose at about twice the rate of population growth. Furthermore, we have seen a global “recoupling” of economic growth with resource consumption in the past decade, meaning that more resources are being consumed for every additional unit of GDP1. Should this trend continue, raw material demand is projected to double by 2050 just to maintain current levels of economic growth.”
PACE lens image projects teamFrans van Houten

CEO, Philips

PACE lens image projects teamNaoko Ishii

CEO & Chairperson, GEF