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PACE is a global community leading the way towards a circular economy

PACE is the platform for global leaders and their organizations to accelerate the transition to a circular economy. PACE provides leaders in the circular economy with the connections, learning, and opportunities to pilot and rapidly scale best practices.


PACE hosts projects that generate learning used by leaders for further decision making and investments. At the start of 2020, the PACE community consists of 75 public, private and civic executive leaders and over 200 members championing 18 tangible projects across the globe. The community is supported by the PACE Hub, a team hosted by the World Resources Institute in The Hague. 


A global economic system that concurrently
enables human and environmental well-being.

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To accelerate the transition to a global circular economy through adoption of circular economy approaches at scale that can improve human and environmental well-being for current and future generations.



PACE accelerates the transition to a global circular economy though three activity pillars: Leadership, Learning and Projects.


Across these pillars, PACE currently focuses on four thematic areas with high ecological footprints: Plastics, Electronics & Capital Equipment, Food & Agriculture, and Textiles & Fashion.

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