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How PACE works

PACE is a neutral, public-private collaboration platform made up of global changemakers and their organizations working together to accelerate the transition to a circular economy. PACE was launched by the World Economic Forum and is a delivery platform hosted by the World Resources Institute.

 Work must be undertaken at all levels within systems to shape and influence change. Circular implementation strategies must therefore address root causes and mental models preventing widespread adoption. PACE subscribes to a systemic model that addresses the potential within specific individuals to close the knowledge-to-action gap and implement change within their organizations and companies.

 We believe that people are the content and that specific actors hold the required knowledge, power, and capacity to influence change. Recommendations must be specific and scalable/actionable in practice by specific individuals at their point within systems.

Download our purpose statement below to learn more about our mission, programs, and how we work towards impact.

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Purpose Statement

PACE Purpose Statement Download