Project Area

African Circular Economy Alliance


Create an alliance of African countries represented at the Ministerial level who share best practices, undertake collaborative projects and advocate for the circular economy


A number of countries in Africa are experiencing favorable demographics and fast growth, there is an opportunity for new growth and job opportunities through continued industrialization and urbanization. The circular economy can provide an economic opportunity and jobs while avoiding a number of negative externalities experienced in other regions as a result of widescale industrialization, while reducing dependence on unstable commodity markets


  • Share best practices for the creation of legal and regulatory frameworks, the building of partnerships and the financing and creation of circular economy projects

  • Advocate for and raise awareness of the circular economy at a national, regional and global level

  • Bring about new projects and partnerships within individual or multiple countries


Conceived at the World Economic Forum in Kigali in 2016 and launched in Bonne at COP 23. The Alliance was founded by three countries Rwanda, Nigeria and South Africa along with UN Environment and the World Economic Forum. The Alliance held its first Annual meeting and board meeting at the Africa Green Growth Summit in November 2018 in which Niger, Senegal, Malawi and the DRC joined the Alliance.