Corporate Circular Target-Setting


Enhance corporate circular target-setting by ultimately linking circularity to key environmental outcomes. 


The current circular economy target-setting landscape is fragmented, lacking consistent guidance on how to define and implement circular targets, and without this, existing targets are self-defined and difficult to compare, hindering progress without being able to establish the true impact of circular economy business models.  

This initiative exists to harness metrics for businesses to support corporate circular target-setting, as a new focus of the Circular Economy Indicators Coalition, in collaboration with Accenture.   

We want to enable companies to create quantitative, targeted goals which drive measurable progress toward circularity and help companies navigate existing resources to measure and manage their progress.  

At COP27, we released a  discussion document, ‘Corporate target-setting for the circular economy: Mobilizing measurable progress,’ which introduces research and consultation findings on the current challenges in setting corporate circular economy targets and presents solutions needed to help mobilize more businesses in setting targets and to help companies better navigate the existing circular target-setting landscape.  

At the World Economic Forum in 2023, we released ‘Corporate circular target-setting guidance’, which builds onto the discussion document and provides businesses with a clear launching point for selecting and reporting against impactful targets. It aims to mobilize more corporate circular target-setting and harmonize the circular metrics landscape.  

This guidance has consolidated a myriad of materials to point users toward relevant standards, tools, approaches, and methodologies. Businesses can use this guide to learn about best practice KPIs for the circular economy and how to select and set these KPIs. 



Do you want to learn more?

We invite companies to get in touch and share their experiences to better guide more impactful targets and to engage in the development of a science-based approach to circular target setting. 



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