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Doubling Global Circularity by 2032

Event date and time
May 23, 2022, 10:00 am to May 23, 2022, 11:00 am
Event time zone
Event Location
WEF Annual Meeting 2022 Ice Village, Davos

This session will bring together key public-private leaders to advance the important goal of doubling global circularity by 2032 for climate-neutral and inclusive economies. Building on the work of existing Platform for Accelerating Circular Economy (PACE) initiatives such as the Capital Equipment Coalition, and the Circular Economy Indicator Coalition, the session will examine how to catalyze action across sectors, scale impact and measure progress.

 The session builds necessary momentum towards integrating circularity to achieve the climate goals, establishing pathways to achieve this via an interactive session diving into solutions for calls-to-action capital equipment and metrics. Building on existing initiatives and calling on achievable ambition, the session will garner commitment of the next champion CEOs and Ministers to collaborate across sectors to drive these new initiatives and increase momentum to influence COP27 and make an impact towards achieving climate goals. Another outcome is that leaders will leave the session inspired to scale up existing good practice circular economy initiatives and to have increased their connectivity with leaders in a different sector or industry to sustainably move towards circular solutions. 

Invited leaders can access the session with a hotel badge.