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12 September 2023

PACE and ILO launch joint campaign celebrating circular economy practitioners

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Today PACE launches a week-long campaign in partnership with the International Labour Organization to showcase the work of three people who have worked tirelessly to accelerate progress towards a circular economy. Throughout the week we will be sharing 3 circular films made entirely from repurposed archival footage that utilize the latest artificial voice technology to bring their testimonials to life. The creative work was brought together in partnership with Media Monks, with whom we were proud to collaborate on this important showcase.

‘How do we implement the circular economy? Through material flows or technological innovation? Most of the changes we need must happen through people and policy. The choices people make are fundamental to change and those in positions of influence have a responsibility to make decisions that present clear benefits for people, nature, and climate. Today PACE and the ILO launch a joint campaign to showcase three changemakers committed to policies that have turned ideas into action.’ Stientje van Veldhoven (Vice President and Regional Director, World Resources Institute Europe)
'The transition to a circular economy will have a transformative effect on the ways we produce and consume, allowing us to build cleaner, greener economies. It also has the potential to create 7 to 8 million jobs globally. But this new economy will not be fair by default. Many workers in the circular economy operate in hazardous environments with poor pay and conditions. Only by addressing the social dimension of the circular economy can we ensure a just transition that leaves no one behind.

The ILO is proud to partner with PACE to promote our three “Policy Heroes”. These individuals were chosen for their efforts to build a brighter future for both people and the planet. Through their work, they have shown the importance of a human-centered approach to the circular economy. They have demonstrated how we can – and must – bring together the environmental and decent work agendas in order to build a more sustainable future.’

Watch the showcase films 

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