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05 December 2023

Campaign Launch: Beyond The Bean

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Looking beyond the bean this Christmas for circular food production in cocoa

PACE will be closing the year with a campaign to raise awareness of the inherent potential to recapture commonly wasted resources along the cocoa value chain. Beyond the Bean is a communications campaign that will be launched on Wednesday 6th December and run for 12 business days until Thursday 20th December. The campaign highlights the urgent need to productively use cocoa by-products for the benefit of smallholder farmers and the environment in producer countries. The narrative will demonstrate how approximately 75% of the cocoa pod is discarded and made redundant. This material has utility and should be seen as a resource with significant potential to bring circular food production to cocoa, a crop that 50 million people worldwide depend upon for their livelihoods. 

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Ask to you: As part of PACE’s commitment to shining a light on this important and underserved priority, we would ask you to take the time to re-share our posts on your LinkedIn or X accounts using the above hashtags. Posts will be going out on work days at 16:00 (Amsterdam time) between 6th-20th December.

Key facts: We encourage you to share these facts as part of your amplification:

  • Approximately 75% of the cacao pod is discarded and only 25% is used (the beans).
  • All parts of the cacao pod can be used. This includes the husk, pulp, bean shell, and beans.
  • 70% of cocoa production is concentrated in West Africa.
  • 95% of global cocoa production originates from smallholder farmers.
  • In 2003 a smallholder farmer received 16% of the price of a chocolate bar as income. Today this share has fallen as low as 8%.
  • Circular food production can be harnessed to improve farmer livelihoods.

Innovators and solutions you can showcase:

Pacha de Cacao

Cocoa Potash

Bantu Chocolate

Nubian Heritage

Shea Moisture


Koa Impact

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