BioSustainable Technology

This Action aligns with the following Calls to Action from the Circular Economy Action Agenda 

  • Incentivize and Support Product Design for Reuse and Recycling of Plastics (Plastics, CTA 2)  

  • Incentivize and Support Design for Longevity and Recyclability (Textiles, CTA 1) 



The Government of Canada, through the Canadian Plastics Innovation Challenge, is financing Singular Solutions project to develop a BioSustainable™ Additive that could help plastic textile waste to biodegrade in long-term composting landfill facilities, creating topsoil-quality humus without generating harmful microplastics. Through this action, Canada is funding the development of this additive that will contribute to circularity requirements for plastic and textile waste. 



The Singular Solutions Inc. BioSustainable™ Additive Project is currently at the proof of concept stage, which is scheduled to be complete by the end of 2021. If chosen, the next steps could consist of developing the pilot production for (1) the recycling of synthetic textile and agricultural films into lumber-like structural materials, (2) the converting of non-usable plastic waste into digestible matter and (3) completing the lab scale development to capture CO2, collect organic waste and use digestible matter to produce bioplastics. 



The Government of Canada, Singular Solutions Inc., Devonshire Group Inc.