Capital Equipment Coalition


Dramatically increase resource efficiency in the capital equipment sector by making circular business models the new normal.


  • Global use of capital equipment - ranging from photocopiers to MRI scanners to agricultural equipment (and much in between) - represents a significant proportion of all material use and current waste generation

  • We see huge opportunities for businesses to provide greater value to customers through innovative service models, smart upgrade paths, or product take-back and remanufacturing programs


  • Accelerate the implementation of circular practices in the business operations of capital equipment manufacturers by learning from each other and generate best practices


During Davos 2018, a group of forward-thinking business leaders committed to bold pledges that aim to preserve and recover the value from the capital equipment they produce. While pursuing their individual commitments, the group collectively develops an understanding of the most critical common challenges and good practices to overcome them. By openly sharing progress on their pledges and insights on replicable practices, the group aims to inspire other companies to define their own commitments and help drive the transformation of the capital equipment sector.


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