Ellen MacArthur Food Initiative

This project contributes to the following Calls to Action from the Circular Economy Action Agenda for Food:

2. Scale Productive and Regenerative Agriculture Practices

4. Better Understand Hotspots of Food Loss and Waste

7. Reframe Wasted Food and Byproducts as Valuable Resources


Long term ambition

The Ellen MacArthur Food Initiative seeks to create unstoppable momentum towards a regenerative food system based on the principles of a circular economy.



  • The linear food system is ripe for disruption. While the industrial food system has generated many benefits, it is also highly extractive and wasteful, proving to be unfit to feed the world in a way that is healthy both for people and natural systems in the long term

  • The circular economy offers a vision for a food system fit for the future

  • Cities can trigger a shift to a better food system. Businesses, public bodies, organisations, and people within cities can accelerate the global transition to a healthy, regenerative food system underpinned by circular economy principles



  • Mobilise a cross-sector public-private stakeholder consortium to realise the circular model for food in cities around the world

  • Illustrate the vision with a number of city demonstrator projects


Project description

The Ellen MacArthur Foundation's Cities and Circular Economy for Food report aims to highlight the often under appreciated role urban food actors can play to drive food system transformation. The report aims to demonstrate that using the catalytic potential of cities to spark change can be a powerful addition to the landscape of efforts needed to transform our relationship with food, highlighting that now is the time to make it happen. 


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