Engineering Materials Product Portfolio

This Action aligns with the following Calls to Action from the Circular Economy Action Agenda for Food

7. Reframe wasted food and byproducts as valuable resources



DSM has developed a portfolio of innovative engineering materials with the ambition of addressing the increasingly concerning issue of plastic pollution, help save energy, reduce reliance on fossil fuels and drastically reduce the carbon footprint of the products people use every day.  In particular, their EcoPaXX is a high-performance aliphatic, biobased polyamide made 70% from castor beans byproducts, which has been engineered for performance and with the objective of lowering the carbon footprint. 



Moving forward, DSM will continue to work with its partners to leverage emerging technologies and deliver a broader range of circular economy solutions. Their ambition is to offer bio- and/or recycled-based alternatives for our entire portfolio (containing at least 25% bio- and/or recycled-based content by weight in the final products) by 2030.