Furniture as a Service (FaaS)

This Action aligns with the following Calls to Action from the Circular Economy Action Agenda

  • Set-up functioning collection systems (Plastics, CTA 6) 

  • Incentivize and support design for longevity and recyclability (Textiles, CTA 1) 



Furniture as a service (FaaS), is a furniture subscription service offering customers home furnishing solutions that meet their needs, including design, maintenance, and repair. When no longer needed by one customer, the furniture is cleaned, refurbished, and made ready for the next customer. When the furniture has been reused as many times as possible the materials and components are recycled. 


Objectives for 2021 

In 2021, furniture leasing model was tested in six European markets operated by the franchisee Ingka Group. The FaaS business model is still being developed and in 2021-22 tests will continue with the ambition to offer scalable, affordable solution that is good for both people and the planet. 

Other circular initiatives at Ingka Group that enable consumers to use, care for and pass on IKEA furniture are, Buy-back and re-sell services available in the majority of Ingka markets. ReTuna second hand pop-up store is in the test phase for evaluation and an assembly fitting order system has been launched for customers so they can replace missing or broken fitting for their furniture. In FY21 more than 14 million spare parts were offered to customers. 



The Ingka Group