Greening with Jobs - World Employment and Social Outlook

PACE Partner the International Labour Organization (ILO) is contributing to the following Calls to Action from the Circular Economy Action Agenda

  • Integrate and advance decent work in the transition to a circular economy for electronics (Electronics, CTA 10; Textiles, CTA 9; Plastics, CTA 9)



The report ‘Greening with Jobs - World Employment and Social Outlook 2018’ examines environmental sustainability in the world of work to support a strengthening of the global and regional partnerships in the area of skills development for a green transition. It aims to promote cross-border knowledge-sharing with regional and international approaches to skills development for the green transition, which can in turn address the competitiveness concerns of individual countries.  


Objectives for 2021  

This edition of the World Employment and Social Outlook focuses on how climate change and environmental degradation will impact the labour markets, affecting both the volume and quality of employment, and quantifies the shifts expected to take place within and between sectors. It shows that there is scope for policies in the world of work to advance environmental sustainability, and for environmental policies to ensure decent work. It acknowledges a coherent and integrated legal framework is a step in this direction and provides policy recommendations that combine decent work issues with environmental regulations, and provide workers with the right set of skills to transition to sectors with employment growth, and also to better jobs. Moreover, it underlines the urgent need to improve the understanding of the mechanisms through which a country-specific policy mix can have an impact on skills development for the green transition. In recognition of this need, the ILO is following up on the analysis with a view to developing detailed policy recommendations for each country that could lead to technical assistance to the countries surveyed.