Healthy Oceans and Clean Cities Initiative

This Action aligns with the following Calls to Action from the Circular Economy Action Agenda for Plastics

2. Strategically plan sorting and recycling facilities in compliance with trade regulations



The Healthy Oceans and Clean Cities Initiative (HOCCI) seeks to strengthen the institutional capacity to support the operationalization and localization of the Philippines’ upcoming National Plan of Action for the Prevention, Reduction, and Management of Marine Litter (NPOA-ML) and the development of improved data collection and waste management systems. HOCCI aims to enable local governments and communities in the Philippines to reduce marine plastic pollution. Its approach is based on three action levels: 

  • Community level: where pilot initiatives are developed and tested. 

  • National level: to develop proofs of concept and local implementation mechanisms.  

  • Regional and global level: with the aim to contribute to Regional (ASEAN) and global practices and policies (such as the SDGs and UN-Habitat Waste Wise Cities Assessment Tool) 



HOCCI’s main objective is to localize the national plan of action for marine litter in six partnering cities in the Philippines. For this purpose, many activities will be conducted, among which: waste surveys using WaCT (Waste Wise Cities Tool); city stakeholder workshops on 3Rs; developing a marine litter action plan; implementation of the pilots; development of knowledge products, capacity building and/or information, education, and communication; development of three policy papers; monitoring and evaluation of progress in implementing the city marine litter action plan; sharing good practices, lessons learned and future actions. 



IGES, UN-Habitat