Rabobank SDG 12.3 Loan

This Action aligns to the following Calls to Action from the Circular Economy Action Agenda for Food:

4. Better Understand Hotspots of Food Loss and Waste

6. Increase Investment in Food Loss and Waste Reduction



The SDG 12.3 loan incentiveses clients by lowering interest rates when achieving the food waste reduction targets and by sanctioning underperformance. The purpose of the SDG 12.3 loan is to accelerate investments in tackling reducing Food Loss & Waste and therefore achieving the SDG 12.3: halving Food Loss & Waste by 2030.

The standardisation of the FLW-KPI can also be incorporated in syndicated loans as part of a KPI-set, in order to align with the SDG 12.3 target.



  • The product includes setting ambitious targets aligned with SDG 12.3, measurement ánd action
  • The loan incentivices clients to monitor food waste closer and encourages them to keep looking for improvements to align with SDG 12.3
  • With the SDG 12.3 loan, we also aim to contribute to raise awareness and behavioural change regarding FLW-reduction



Rabobank (PACE Partner)

• Methodology in line with the FLW Accounting and Reporting Standard.

• Assurance of KPI performance via own accountant based on the FLW A&R Standard

• Assistance for FLW reduction programs via specialised networks (WRI, WRAP & WUR)


Ekoplaza was the first company in the Netherlands to recieve a SDG 12.3 loan