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Leverage the potential of Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies to advance the circular economy at speed and scale through PACE projects and across its thematic areas.


  • The Fourth Industrial Revolution has the potential to reshape our current systems by combining digital, physical and biological technologies at scale

  • We have the opportunity to leverage this potental for the circular economy

  • Many solutions exist, but independently of each other and often not at scale

  • Plastics packaging and Electronics in particular provide significant opportunity spaces to accelerate the circular economy across different steps in the value chain


  • Publish a thought piece on 4IR applications for circular economy in electronics and plastics to be presented at Davos in January, 2019

  • Actively engage PACE partners and members in the process

  • Deliver 1 -5 concrete action insights to advance PACE project efforts


In the same way that the Fourth Industrial Revolution is reshaping healthcare, mobility and education systems worldwide, it can also be leveraged to help design innovative approaches to managing the way materials and products flow within, rather than through our economy in move away from the current “take-make- dispose” model towards a circular one. This project aims at identifying the circular economy opportunity spaces across the value chain of plastics packaging and electronics, the 4IR technology-enabled solutions to leverage them and the enabling frameworks required to implement these at scale. Outcomes of this project feed into the ongoing work in plastics and electronics and help to accelerate and scale impact.

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