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Circular Economy Innovation - Scale 360


Grow innovation ecosystems to scale Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) technologies’ impact on the circular economy transition.  


  • 4IR technology innovations have significant potential to accelerate transition to the circular economy by combining digital, physical, and biological technologies at scale. 

  • Supporting circular innovators through a “standard” business accelerators and sustainability initiatives will not advance the circular economy quickly enough to address the major environmental impacts from our current take-make-dispose model. 

  • There are significant opportunities for achieving and expanding circular commitments across value chains across electronics, fashion, food, and plastics value chains through innovation. 


  • Surface innovators and opportunities through localized, collaborative partnerships.

  • Support systems change to establish enabling conditions for scaling 4IR innovation.

  • Connect a global community of innovators with key private and public sector stakeholders.


Scale360°’s mission is to mobilize action among innovators, governments, civil society, and private sector stakeholders to grow the ecosystem for circular 4IR technology innovation—and in doing so, support the achievement of the sustainable development goals. 

As new global partnership aimed at fast-tracking fourth industrial revolution principles in the circular economy by supporting bottom-up innovation and entrepreneurship, the initiative’s global digital community and partner-led programs will surface, support, and connect 4IR technology innovations with private and public sector stakeholders to address barriers to scaling solutions that help transition away from take-make-waste models.

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