#SinDesperdicio platform

This action aligns with the following Calls to Action from the Circular Economy Action Agenda for Food 

6. Increase investment in food loss and waste reduction 

4. Better understand hotspots of food loss and waste 

7. Reframe wasted food and byproducts as valuable resources 


#SinDesperdicio platform aims to reduce food loss and waste in Latin America and the Caribbean by working on four axes: 1) Innovation: apply technology to reduce food loss and waste throughout the supply chain; from production to consumption. 2) Knowledge: develop studies and market analysis to measure and identify the causes behind food loss and waste. 3) Public policies: advance legislation and public policy to create an enabling environment that tackles food loss and waste. 4) Behavior: promote responsible and sustainable behavior along the supply chain.



The #SinDesperdicio platform is: 1) supporting Argentina in minimizing food losses in the fruit and vegetable industry, 2) supporting Colombia with the implementation of food loss and waste strategies in food markets of the municipality of Garagoa and in the Central de Abastos of Villavicencio, and 3) developing a Playbook for Reducing Food Loss and Waste and a Food Loss and Waste Country Progress Index for Latin America and the Caribbean in 2021. Moreover, it supported the development of the 2nd Food Loss and Waste Reduction Summit for Latin America and the Caribbean that took place on the 17th and 18th of November 2021



Inter-American Development Bank, the Coca-Cola Company, World Resources Institute. Dow, Nestlé, Grupo Bimbo, Oxxo, Fundación Femsa, IBM, FAO, The Global Food Banking Network, The Consumer Goods Forum, UNEP, WRAP, World Resources Institute