Sustainable Business Model Innovation Framework

PACE Partner TNO is contributing to the following Calls to Action from the Circular Economy Action Agenda

  • Guide and Support New Business Models for Environmental, Financial, and Social Triple-Win (Electronics, CTA 4; Textiles, CTA 4; Plastics, CTA 5)



The Sustainable Business Model Innovation Framework aims to support organizations to make a systemic shift to sustainable business. It assists the steps of the business model innovation process to support decision-making and attitudes towards circular and sustainable innovations. It combines multi-actor and multi-value business model design with multi-level analysis from the national, regional, sector and value chain economic structures, as well as impact and lifecycle analysis and material flow models and approaches. 



TNO has expanded its work on Sustainable Business Model Innovation. Currently, a portfolio of several projects on ‘collaborative business modelling’ has been set up and a broader team is working on several national and international applications in circularization of, among others, Smart Industry (Industry 4.0, Materials Passports and a circular business model typology), flooring industry, small food supply chains and food waste. In 2021, the focus lies on the expansion of the portfolio on Collaborative Business Modelling, on the concept for governance of the Materials Passports and on the community of practice in circularity and servitization in Smart Industry.   



TNO, BoP Inc, Nyenrode Business University, The Next Organization, University of Twente