Tengiva Recyclers Network

PACE Partner the Government of Canada is contributing to the following Calls to Action from the Circular Economy Action Agenda for Textiles 

6. Strategically plan collection, sorting, and recycling operations 

7. Increase Efficiency and Quality in Textiles Sorting

8. Make the recycled fibers market competitive 



The Government of Canada, through the Canadian Plastics Innovation Challenge, is financing Tengiva Recyclers Network, a digital platform that centralizes the different textile recycling stakeholders in a unique space to facilitate collection, exchanges, distribution and market validation, while optimizing the resources and the capacity of the existing ecosystem. Combined with Tengiva’s technology that facilitates the trading of quality in-stock textiles between manufacturers and apparel brands, this solution could support the recycling facilities both in the procurement of textile waste and the commercialization of their quality recycled byproduct. Through this action, Canada is working to optimize its recycling capacities from 8.8% to 28.7% by better attributing the wastes with the correct recycling and processing facility. 


Objectives for 2021  

The Recyclers Network project is currently at the stage of proof of concept. The next steps will consist of the development of the said solution, in collaboration with Canadian and international partners, after which, if successful, a pilot project may be conducted. 



The Government of Canada (Funder, PACE Partner)