Canada Plastics Pact

This Action aligns with the following Calls to Action from the Circular Economy Action Agenda for Plastics 

1. Agree which plastics can be eliminated and prepare the market to phase them out 

2. Incentivize and support product design for reuse and recycling of plastics 

5. Guide and support news business models for environmental, financial, and social triple-win 



The Cananda Plastics Pact (CPP) is creating a circular economy in Canada in which plastic waste is kept in the economy and out of the environment. It is a unique multi-stakeholder, industry-led, cross-value chain collaboration platform which aims to tackle plastic packaging waste and pollution by bringing together businesses, government, non-governmental organizations and other key actors in the local plastics value chain. Canada Plastics Pact Partners are united, working together on achieving clear, actionable targets by the year 2025. 


This national Plastic Pact is a part of the New Plastics Economy Initiative from the Ellen McArthur Foundation, of which the Plastics Pact Network is one of the elements to its approach. 



The Canada Plastics Pact seeks to define a list of plastic packaging that is to be designated as problematic or unnecessary and take measures to eliminate them. The overall aim is to have 100% of plastic packaging being designed to be reusable, recyclable or compostable. The necessary steps to reach this require taking ambitious actions to ensure that at least 50% of plastic packaging is effectively recycled or composted and an average of at least 30% recycled content is used across all plastic packaging. Upon its launch in January 2021, CPP is developing a roadmap to lay out the direction, strategies, and tactics for taking action to 2025. 



The Government of Canada, Unilever 

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