Realize mandatory use of recycled content in products

This Action aligns with the following Calls to Action from the Circular Economy Action Agenda for Plastics 

2. Incentivize and support product design for reuse and recycling of plastics 



In order to end pollution and reduce CO2 emissions, and to strengthen the demand for recycled materials, the Netherlands commits to working together with partners to internationally promote and realize, a mandatory use of a minimum percentage of recycled material in products, as now stipulated by the European Circular Economy Action Plan. In line with this, the Netherlands is working with partners worldwide, including the New Plastics Economy Global Commitment and the Plastic Pacts Network, to ensure, to the extent possible, that we work towards the inclusion of 30% recycled contents on average in new plastic products and packaging by 2030. The Netherlands is conducting a research to identify policy options to contribute to a stronger demand and more resilient market for recycled plastic content. This research will help in steering the discussions, offering research-based policy options and may help speed up the market for secondary materials and applications of recycled content. 



The Netherlands wants to take steps to promote and realize a mandatory use of a minimum percentage of 30% recycled content in new plastic products and packaging by 2030, starting in an EU context.



The Government of the Netherlands